Volunteers and Community Groups

We would like to acknowledge the many volunteers and community groups that have contributed to the success of the Bridgnorth Art Trail. (Listed in alphabetical order.)


All of our artists for their huge contribution to our Trail in terms of their commitment and obvious artistic talent:

Statue 1: Corin Ryalls-Garbett & Billie Goucher
Statue 2: Tania Holland (www.taniaholland.co.uk)
Statue 3: Kathryn O’Connor (www.kathrynoconnorphotography.co.uk)
Statue 4: Paul Hopkins (www.stonewaygallery.co.uk)
Statue 5 & 9: Louise Rhodes, Bridgnorth Endowed School (see below)
Statue 6 & 7: Bridgnorth & District Arts Society (see below)
Statue 8: Deborah Meredith (www.teaandroses.co.uk)
Statue 10: Rory McCann (rorymccannmurals.com)
Statue 11: Catherine Sharplin (was Shinton) (www.etsy.com/shop/MoonTreeHollow)
Statue 12: Nicky Meechan (www.nickymeechanart.co.uk)

Bridgnorth & District Arts Society


Members of the Arts Society for painting 2 of our statues and supporting our Trail in many ways, including varnishing the trains: Diane Ferguson, Evie Ferguson, Ewan Ferguson, Elizabeth Harriman, Sue Preece, Tony Preece, Eileen Reynolds, Jenny Sherry, Dave Simpson, Denise Woodhall.

Bridgnorth Endowed School


Louise Rhodes for leading the school’s project to paint 2 of our statues with her A’Level Art students: Molly Craig, Rebecca Grubb, Chloe Haddock, Amy Henshaw, Edward Humphries, Amy Pattison and Holly Tyrls.

Bridgnorth Library & Visitor Information Centre


Emma Spenser, Branch Manager for agreeing to provide maps of the Trail to visitors.

Bridgnorth Town Hall

Julia Hadley for agreeing to provide maps of the Trail to visitors.

David Ian Wellings

For designing the original architectural sketch for our statue shape.

Eddie Brown

For photographing our events.

Event Helpers

Annabel Buckley, Jessica Fox, Evie Hawker and Jess Hawker for helping at our events.

RAF No. 1 Radio School, Cosford

Wing Commander J. Thompson, Officer Commanding for giving permission for the Radio School to take part in the Trail.

Sgt. Karl Gough-Young for involving his trainees in the Trail, and for the use of his RAF vehicle for the Town Carnival, along with the following vehicle escorts: SAC Josh Mazzali and AC Jack Smith.

Also a huge thank you to the following trainees for painting our plinths and lids: AC Robert Ashman, AC Daniel Baker, AC Matthew Ball, AC Keanu Birkinshaw, AC Lewis Boland, AC Dhylan Burrows-Fox, AC Jonathan Carrick, AC Dylan Dolby, AC Adam Hill, AC Joseph Lanzon, AC Jordan Mundy, AC Joseph Vella.

Rangers, Bridgnorth Division

Catherine Coleman for developing a quiz for our Trail (available as a download).

St. Leonard’s School

Philippa Everington and Year 5 mathematicians for developing a maths quiz for our Trail (available as a download).

The Open Group


Andrew Josey for allowing Cathy Fox to work on the Trail, and Steve Nunn for his legal review of our Artist Agreement.

Trevithick 200


Mick Grocock and Brian Jones for their support and valuable input to the Trail.


Kev Adams (bridgnorth.business) for developing our website.

Richard Fox for providing audio tracks, voiced by: Madeleine Beckett, Jessica Fox, Mike Grocock, Rebecca Grubb, John Hart, Helen Howell, Kathy O’Connor and Corin Ryalls-Garbett.

Working Group Volunteers

Cllr. Julia Buckley, Cllr. Brian Davies, Robert Davies, Cathy Fox, Cllr. Richard Fox, Chris Garside, James Gittins, Mick Grocock, John Hart, Cllr. Helen Howell, Cllr. Kirstie Hurst-Knight, Barry Ince, Brian Jones, Kathy O’Connor, Mathew Snelson, Cllr. Sarah Stevens, Cllr. Carol Whittle.

Cllr. Julia Buckley is the Working Group Chair, and originally presented the idea of the Trail to Bridgnorth Town Council. She brings lots of expertise to the Trail from Wolverhampton City Council and their experience with the Wolves in Wolves trail and has been actively involved in all aspects of the project.

Cathy Fox is the project contact for artists. In addition to facilitating their involvement, she has been involved in many aspects of the project including plaques, maps, promotional material, website information, etc.

Cllr. Sarah Stevens is the contact for sponsorship and worked alongside Robert Davies in the early stages of the project to secure our sponsors. She has been actively involved in all aspects of the project, notably PR, groundworks and installation, sponsorship of materials, plinths, etc.