Statue 9: Excellence Through Innovation

Bridgnorth Art Trail Statue 09 Grainger and Worrall

Hear about Statue 9

Location: High Street (Blooms)

As the name suggests, Cartway was the main route for wheeled vehicles from the Quayside and bridge. Donkeys carrying goods came up the wide, shallow steps of Stoneway.
The nearest shop, currently occupied by a florist, dates from 1580 and has a timber frame and is a rare two-tier shop. The two shops at the right-hand end of Waterloo Terrace are equally old, but were given new facades in 1830. Over the way is the New Market Hall, which is largely unused at present.
A few strides down Cartway stood Kou Gate, named after the Le Kous who lived here. Further down you can see where there were habitable caves.
The statue casting represents the steam engine “Catch-Me-Who-Can” and was made by Grainger & Worrall, a global leader in the engineering and manufacture of complex castings, many of which power the world’s most prestigious and desirable vehicles; some of the fastest too. Based right here in Bridgnorth, Grainger & Worrall invest extensively in both people and technologies to deliver innovative products that push the art of the possible. As a family business, Grainger & Worrall places customer service above all else and it is this that drives commitment to training and development of its team and has become the largest engineering company in Shropshire.

Artist: Bridgnorth Endowed School, led by Louise Rhodes

Bridgnorth Endowed School
Louise is an Art Teacher at Bridgnorth Endowed School, where she has been teaching for three years; however, she has been a qualified teacher since 2005. The Endowed School is her local school and the school which she attended, which makes it even more special to be part of the Art Trail, and to showcase the creativity and talent of the students.
The students involved are all in Year 12 studying Art for A’Level: Amy Pattison, Holly Tyrls, Molly Craig, Edward Humphries, Amy Henshaw, Chloe Haddock and Rebecca Grubb.

The Design

This design highlights the worldwide trade and connections of Grainger & Worrall, which all began in Bridgnorth.