Statue 7: Flame, Grit and Noise

Bridgnorth Art Trail Statue 07 Foundry

Hear about Statue 7

Location: Site of Hazeldine & Co. Iron Foundry

Hazeldine’s Foundry was founded late in the 18th century; and helped to change the world. It was here, in 1808, that Trevithick and Rastrick organised the manufacture of “Catch-Me-Who-Can”, the locomotive of the first train ever to carry fare-paying passengers (and featured in our statues).
Other steam locomotives, pumping engines and the Chepstow Bridge were among other products shipped out from the Quayside here.

Sponsor: Bridgnorth Civic Society
Founded in 1961, the Society is a voluntary body set up to promote and organise action for the preservation and improvement of the amenities and character of Bridgnorth, its riverside and its rural surroundings. This includes buildings, monuments, streets and other features of historical, architectural or scenic interest.

Artist: Bridgnorth & District Arts Society
The Bridgnorth & District Arts Society is a thriving community of amateur artists. It was formed in 1985 and has a regular core of members attending weekly practical sessions. The Society holds an Annual Exhibition each year in St. Leonard’s Church during August. Professional guest artists are invited to lead workshops and demonstrations throughout the year, and trips are organised to arts festivals and exhibitions. Members enjoy using a variety of media and techniques, from pastels, watercolours, oils and acrylics to sculpture and wood carving. The Society is open to anyone with an interest in and passion for art.
The Bridgnorth Art Trail is a great opportunity to participate in a local project which will enhance the town and promote all that Bridgnorth has to offer.

The Design

This design is an entirely appropriate tribute to the Foundry which produced “Catch-Me-Who-Can” – scenes relevant to the Foundry’s work are wrapped in black and vivid oranges and reds to give a feeling of what