Statue 5: Filtermist Steams Ahead

Bridgnorth Art Trail Statue 05 Filtermist

Hear about Statue 5

Location: Fox Corner

St. John’s Hospital, and a handy cemetery, stood opposite the filling station. Seven skeletons were unearthed during building works in 1977.
Looking in the same direction, the first building you will see is Diamond Hall, named after a horse from the 1680s owned by Roger Pope who was equerry to King Charles II. The horse won a race and the winnings made him a rich man.
The Fox Inn, now called the Coach House, was a staging post on north-south routes, and was used as a depot for a big haulage company, Pickfords.

Sponsor: Filtermist Ltd
Established in Shropshire in 1969, Filtermist provides a wide range of products and services designed to ensure the air in industrial workplaces is free from hazardous airborne contaminants.
Manufacturing processes including milling, drilling, turning and grinding all generate oil mist, whilst a wide range of operations produce other harmful pollutants. Oil mist, smoke, dust and fumes can be hazardous to health and pose a fire and slip risk if left in the atmosphere.
Filtermist effectively removes all types of airborne contaminants from workplace air. Its comprehensive service includes extraction system design, specification, equipment manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning.
Air monitoring, routine maintenance and CosHH compliant LEV Testing for all types of air extraction equipment are all included in Filtermist’s extensive nationwide after-sales service.

Artist: Bridgnorth Endowed School, led by Louise Rhodes

Bridgnorth Endowed School
Louise is an Art Teacher at Bridgnorth Endowed School, where she has been teaching for three years; however, she has been a qualified teacher since 2005. The Endowed School is her local school and the school which she attended, which makes it even more special to be part of the Art Trail, and to showcase the creativity and talent of the students.
The students involved are all in Year 12 studying Art for A’Level: Amy Pattison, Holly Tyrls, Molly Craig, Edward Humphries, Amy Henshaw, Chloe Haddock and Rebecca Grubb.

The Design

This design incorporates important features of Filtermist, as well as highlighting worldwide trade and connections, which all began in Bridgnorth.