Statue 3: Tracks in Time

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Hear about Statue 3

Location: Lavington Gardens

Lavington Gardens are named after a Cromwellian officer who, when the Royalists held Bridgnorth in 1646, started a tunnel which would be filled with explosives so he could blow up the Castle area from underneath. The Royalists surrendered before this drastic step had to be taken. You can see the cave in the cliff a little way south of here.
Although alternative versions exist, it is claimed that Old Moore, after whom the annual Almanack of predictions is named, was born in a cave dwelling above you off St. Mary’s Steps.
Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd. is a trusted supplier of aluminium flat rolled products to customers around the world. The company’s main product is a high quality aluminium strip, used in the production of printing plates for the nation’s favourite newspapers and magazines. As one of only two suppliers in Europe of aluminium strip suitable for this purpose, the company is a major exporter and the only producer of rolled aluminium coil products in the UK.
As of 2018, the company employs over 400 people ranging from operators and engineers to scientists and business people. It also supports many local causes and community groups, with a reputation as a great advocate of charitable giving.

Artist: Kathryn O’Connor, Documentary Artist (Photography)
Bookings: 07813 653434
Kathy’s ethos is to help celebrate life, through capturing the true beauty in all people and nature.
Kathy originally trained as an “old school” photographer using film over 20 years ago. She has since transferred to digital, but still prefers to emulate the quality and feel of film. Focusing on an accurate documentary style, Kathy has done a variety of work for customers, including private artwork, private portraits, actors, musicians, theatre companies, dance companies, art centres, etc. She also produces her own greetings cards, bookmarks and books. Kathy is currently hoping to undertake a large social history project, based locally – watch this space!

The Design

Bridgnorth Aluminium is the biggest employer in Bridgnorth, and this design celebrates the workers, many of whom live locally – the people that help make things happen.