Statue 11: Platform Severn

Bridgnorth Art Trail Statue 11 Holdens

Hear about Statue 11

Location: High Street (Lloyds Bank)

The bank building was originally the site of a pub, and the statue sponsor has recently taken over The Golden Lion on the opposite side of High Street. There are 22 pubs currently listed in the “Bridgnorth Pub Trail”, and two more bars have recently opened: not bad for a town of 13,000 population. However, in 1663 there were 280 pubs for a much smaller population!
The Northgate is the only town gateway left standing and was restored in 1910. The town’s museum is housed on the first floor.
Holden’s are a fifth-generation Independent family brewer who have been brewing continuously on the same site for over 100 years. They are very proud of their Black Country history and heritage and have a unique estate of 21 tied houses within a 30-mile radius of their historic Black Country brewery. The latest two acquisitions are situated in Shropshire, as the current generation of Holden’s are Shropshire Born and Brewed, unlike our Black Country Born and Brewed fore-fathers.
Cheers to another 100 years!

Artist: Catherine Sharplin
Catherine is a local artist who resides in Low Town. She works with a wide variety of materials and tools, and creates both original and fan art. She is influenced by Nature and Fantasy, and charmed by the natural world that surrounds us.
Catherine is available for commissions, and you can see some of her other designs at Robin’s Hardware and Violet’s Tea Room in Bridgnorth.

The Design

This design was inspired by the elusive visiting otter, and the many other creatures that can be seen on the river. This matched the Holden’s family wishes to incorporate their father’s love of nature.