A’level students designed 2 of our statues: Statue No. 5 which is situated at Fox Corner and was sponsored by Filtermist Ltd., and Statue No. 9 which is situated on the High Street outside Blooms and was sponsored by Grainger & Worrall Ltd.

Louise says: “It has been a privilege for me and the sixth form art students to be involved in the first phase of the Art Trail. The experience was extremely valuable for the students to gain an insight into working alongside different companies. At each stage from planning to completion the communication and enthusiasm between the sponsors and the students was exceptional.

We enjoyed the challenge of working on two completely different designs for the artwork on the statues, which the students found difficult at times when fitting in other subjects and lessons in school, but always showed commitment and dedication. The students have acquired good team-working skills, which enabled them to work together to plan and paint the final statues successfully.

It was a fantastic opportunity to work alongside other artists on the Trail, which I feel has given the town a taste of some extremely talented local artists and a showcase of unique styles on each statue.”

You can find out more about Bridgnorth Endowed school from their website

Louise is an Art Teacher at Bridgnorth Endowed School, where she has been teaching for three years. The Endowed School is her local school and the school which she attended, which makes it even more special to be part of the Art Trail, and to showcase the creativity and talent of the students. The students involved were all in Year 12 studying Art for A’Level: Amy Pattison, Holly Tyrls, Molly Craig, Edward Humphries, Amy Henshaw, Chloe Haddock and Rebecca Grubb.