Rory McCann designed Statue No. 10 which is situated in the High Street outside Card Stores, and was sponsored by The Great British High Street.
“My experience of the trail was a wonderful one from beginning to end. I loved the challenge of working on a 3D project, something I’d never done. Interacting with the students and other artists was a joy, and being there for the opening gave a great feeling of community.
The trail is a wonderful way to see the town and shows a great diversity of artistic styles. It is a true celebration of Bridgnorth’s history and its people.

My work of late has centred around the Midlands. I have been doing more projects focused on community and a sense of local identity. My current project is to commemorate the First World War and the part that Britain (and especially Chester) played on the global stage.”

Rory McCann is a wildlife and mural artist working in Shropshire and surrounding counties. Much of his work is inspired by the natural world and is aimed at connecting people with nature. He works in schools, hospitals and hospices. His mural work has taken him further afield to the likes of Oman, Japan and Russia. His ambition for the future is to work on more community-wide engagement projects.