The Arts Society designed 2 of our statues: Statue No. 6 which is situated in Severn Park and was sponsored by Bridgnorth Rugby Club, and Statue No. 7 which is situated at the site of Hazeldine & Co. Iron Foundry and was sponsored by Bridgnorth Civic Society.

“Participating in the Bridgnorth Art Trail was a unique experience for members of the society, presenting a challenge in terms of painting on a different material/3D shape and co-ordinating site visits to MCMT. Working to a detailed brief from the statue sponsors was also a new experience and an opportunity to get to know other groups and individuals in Bridgnorth. Overall, it was very satisfying to feel part of a joint scheme and to contribute to the enhancement of the Bridgnorth experience.

The statues really catch the eye as you drive through Bridgnorth and seem to be very popular with visitors to the town.

The society is not currently working on any large-scale projects, but we are enjoying our Autumn programme of demonstrations and weekly practical sessions, and looking forward to planning some Spring workshops and outings to art galleries and exhibitions in the summer.”

The Bridgnorth & District Arts Society is a thriving community of amateur artists. It was formed in 1985 and has a regular core of members attending weekly practical sessions. The Society holds an Annual Exhibition each year in St. Leonard’s Church during August. Professional guest artists are invited to lead workshops and demonstrations throughout the year, and trips are organised to arts festivals and exhibitions.

Members enjoy using a variety of media and techniques, from pastels, watercolours, oils and acrylics to sculpture and wood carving. The Society is open to anyone with an interest in and passion for art.