Our fantastic ground works and logistics team was key to the success of the trail launch in July this year. The team, led by JSR Construction (www.jsrconstruction.co.uk), and supported by Holden’s Brewery (www.holdensbrewery.co.uk) and members of Bridgnorth Town Council’s Direct Labour Force (DLF), were involved early on with the planning and execution of all work related to the security of the statues as well as all ground work preparation and statue installation.

After extensive consultation with Shropshire County Council Highways Department and Contract and Utility Management Team as well as Planning and Conservation, the Art Trail committee were on the look out for a suitably qualified contractor to work on the 12 sites. As many of the statues were going to be located on the public highway, the contractor in charge needed to be listed on the Street Works Qualification Register. Step in John Roberts of JSR Construction!


JSR Construction is a family-run company based just outside Bridgnorth and with over 25 years in business offering both domestic and industrial building services, we knew our statues were in safe hands.

In the months leading up to the trail launch on Saturday July 28th, the team were busy completing all the necessary paperwork – including securing Section 50 licenses (for which the accreditation to work on Shropshire Highways was required), reviewing plans of each site, and working with both management and apprentices at MCMT (www.mcmt.co.uk) and Grainger & Worrall Ltd. (www.gwcast.com) on the engineering solution and ensuring the security and safety of each statue and its visitors.

The team worked like troopers during extremely hot weather to transform the 12 sites ready for the launch. They knew they had one day to complete this work, and did so efficiently and with minimal disruption to the town.

On Thursday July 26th the initial ground preparation was done – footings were dug, and bases laid and levelled – before the plinths were lifted into place. “This first stage took the team the best part of a day,” explained Andy Jackson from JSR. “They all worked incredibly hard to get it done on time: we knew we only had a day’s leeway before the lids, with the trains already securely bolted and glued, needed to be dropped on.”

On Friday July 27th the statues – which had already been securely fixed to their bases at MCMT – were carefully transported to their locations and lifted into position using special lifting equipment.

John Roberts (Director, JSR Construction) said, “The process was a slow one due to the restrictions of some of the sites and the fact that we were working around pedestrians and other vehicles. It was hard going at times, but the reaction from the public was fantastic and we are grateful for their understanding.”

Meet the Team!

JSR Construction: John Roberts, Andy Jackson, Albert Roberts, Column Ferris, Terry Ferris
Holden’s Brewery: Rob and Jamie
Bridgnorth Town Council Direct Labour Force: Barry Ince, John Fensome, Martin Harris, Bruce Beedham

(Many thanks go to Sarah Stevens for helping to write this article and creating the video.)