Bridgnorth Art Trail

C’mon Find A Locomotive

Can you find all 12 and crack the code?

Statue 1: Happy Holidays Express

Statue 2: Just the Ticket

Statue 3: Tracks in Time

Statue 4: Train of Thought

Statue 5: Filtermist Steams Ahead

Statue 6: Choo Choo Choose Bridgnorth Rugby Club

Statue 7: Flame, Grit and Noise

Statue 8: The Great Bear

Statue 9: Excellence Through Innovation

Statue 10: Central Station: Great Bridgnorth High Street

Statue 11: Platform Severn

Statue 12: Whistle Stop

Printed Bridgnorth Art Trail maps can be collected from Bridgnorth Town Hall, Tourist Information at the Library and at shops and businesses all around the town. See the full list via this link.

Or download a map from here.

How to us the NFC tags when you’re out and about with your phone.